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Real Estate Property Transactions

The real property matters handled by this firm include the preparation of contracts for the purchase and sale of real property, closing of real property contracts, and some landlord-tenant matters, including evictions. Larry Studer is an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and handles closings of real estate purchase and sale contracts.

Careful drafting of a real property contract, clear understanding of its terms, and observance of the time requirements of the contract, can help avoid misunderstandings and disputes in connection with the purchase or sale of real property.

Most evictions involving residential property are based on nonpayment of rent. The giving of a three-day notice demanding payment of the past due rent or possession of the property is a non-waivable requirement of Florida law. It is important that the notice comply with the statutory requirements. If the tenant does not vacate the property after receipt of a three-day notice, the landlord must to bring an eviction action. If the eviction is successful, a writ of possession will be issued by the clerk’s office and served by the sheriff’s office. Some landlord’s handle evictions on their own (pro se), while others make use of the services of an attorney.

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Estate Planning

At the Law Office of Larry P. Studer, much of our legal practice involves helping those dealing with the problems that arise as one ages. The area of estate and assistance planning involves helping clients plan the distribution of their assets on death, and the provision of care in the event that assistance from others is needed. This involves considering how best to protect the client and the client’s loved ones from disputes and loss, which may involve the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care surrogates, medical disclosure authorization forms, designations of preneed guardian, and similar documents.

We will advise you about ways to give authority to another person to make decisions about your medical care, if you are unable to handle this, and to authorize the disclosure of your medical information to loved ones. We will advise you about ways to give authority to another person to assist with the handling of your financial matters. We can prepare and handle the execution of the documents that will help you solve many of these problems, that will enable you to leave your assets in accordance with your desires, and that will help protect your loved ones from disputes and litigation. Larry Studer has been helping people with these types of problems for more than fifteen years, and those years have taught valuable lessons about human nature and steps needed to protect oneself and those one loves.

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Probate of Wills and Estate


The death of a loved one can result in legal problems such as changing title to assets, creditor claims, and filing tax returns. While some issues can be handled by the family of the decedent, other issues may require the assistance of an attorney.

After the death of a loved one, Florida requires that the original will, if there is one, be filed with the clerk of court for the county in which the decedent was domiciled at the time of death, within ten (10) days after death. This protects the will from accidental destruction or from being misplaced. Change in title of some assets can be accomplished by the presentation of a death certificate and completion of an application form. For example, a life insurance policy with a named beneficiary generally requires only a completed application form, a death certificate, and possibly, the original policy. However, for other assets, the probate of the estate of the decedent is required in order to establish judicially the transfer of ownership.

Uncontested probate involves resolving issues concerning creditor claims, liability for taxes, and the distribution of the decedent’s assets through the court system. The primary purposes of uncontested probate is to authenticate the will of the decedent, if there is one, provide clear title to assets, resolve creditor claims, if, any, deal with income tax returns and other tax matters, and then distribute the assets as required by law.

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