Estate Planning

At the Law Office of Larry P. Studer, much of our legal practice involves helping those dealing with the problems that arise as one ages. The area of estate and assistance planning involves helping clients plan the distribution of their assets on death, and the provision of care in the event that assistance from others is needed. This involves considering how best to protect the client and the client’s loved ones from disputes and loss, which may involve the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care surrogates, medical disclosure authorization forms, designations of preneed guardian, and similar documents.

We will advise you about ways to give authority to another person to make decisions about your medical care, if you are unable to handle this, and to authorize the disclosure of your medical information to loved ones. We will advise you about ways to give authority to another person to assist with the handling of your financial matters. We can prepare and handle the execution of the documents that will help you solve many of these problems, that will enable you to leave your assets in accordance with your desires, and that will help protect your loved ones from disputes and litigation. Larry Studer has been helping people with these types of problems for more than fifteen years, and those years have taught valuable lessons about human nature and steps needed to protect oneself and those one loves.

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